Budapest Hop on Hop off Bus Tour with Budapest Card

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Hop on Hop off Bus Tours Budapest

Hop on Hop off Bus Tours Budapest taken by Patrick Nouhailler

The 2013 Budapest Card benefits include 3 kinds of discount tickets from Budapest tour companies running Hop on Hop off sightseeing tours in the city. The hop on hop off bus tours are a really nice, quick and comfortable way to get to know the Hungarian capital, very much like a Budapest river cruise, but exploring more inner city attractions all over the city.

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Budapest HOHO Bus Tour – Open Top Bus and Boat Tour

This video has been taken in 2012 on an open top sightseeing bus during a hop on hop off tour in Budapest. After the bus tour came the HOHO boat tour. The video was uploaded by one of the tourists, who chose to use the Hungarian anthem as the background music.

This is what you see in the hoho video
Hop on hop off Bus tour

Changing the guards at the Buda Castle, by the Alexander Palace, the official residence of the Hungarian President.

Boattrip on the river Danube – many tourists expect to see the Blue Danube, but it may have been just a romantic expression. The river in Budapest is greenish, brownish.

New York Cafe the exuberantly lavish Cafe New York in Budapest is absolutely worth a visit. Expensive, true, but luxurious for the eyes too.

Budapest Hop on Hop off Video

Get a feel for the hop on hop off bus tours in Budapest. Bus tour + Boat tour + Coupons!

You can see many of the beautiful sights during the sightseeing tours. It is up to you if you take the shorter yellow bus tour or the longer and more thorough red bus tour, or both. You are free to hop on and hop off the buses on two days (on the day of your departure, and the following day – consecutive days only).


Budapest Hop on Hop off Red Bus Line Stops

1. József Nádor Tér – departure of HOHO from Palatine Joseph Square

The square named after Palatine Joseph (Jozsef Nador Ter) is in downtown Budapest, right behind the famous Café Gerbeaud on Vorosmarty Square, where the big shopping street, Vaci Utca runs into. The Chain Bridge and the St Stephen’s Basilica, and the Michelin star Onyx Restaurant are also within 5 min on foot.

2. Erzsébet Tér – 1st bus stop on Elisabeth Square
Elisabeth Square is literally the heart of the city, along with Deak square (basically the two square are next to each other). Erzsebet Ter is often the location of Budapest festivals, and the Akvarium Club under the square is one of the most popular open air bars in Budapest. Hotel Kempinski is by the square.

3. Andrássy Út – 2nd bus stop on Andrassy Avenue
The scenic and elegant Andrassy Ave (Andrassy ut) is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites (one of the two UNESCO sites in Budapest). This road is also ideal for a nice walk on a breezy day, where you can see some of the high brand shops, pleasant terraced cafés and restaurants, and locals enjoying their walk. Also worth a visit is the Opera.

4. Opera – 3rd bus stop at the Budapest Opera House on Andrassy Avenue
The Opera is one of the most popular classical attractions of Budapest with its beautiful building and fantastic opera and ballet performances. The National Opera House built in the 19th century is on Andrassy Ave so if you want to explore the building and its neighborhood a bit more, hop off the sightseeing bus, and enjoy a short detour. The opera can be visited as part of guided tours. More about the opera tours in Budapest here.

5. Liszt Ferenc Tér – 4th bus stop of the red bus is on Franz Liszt Square
The term ‘Liszt Ferenc Tér’ has become known as the restaurant zone in Budapest. Indeed, there are dozens of restaurants next to each other on this nice historical square, where you can also take a look at the Franz Liszt Music Academy of Budapest, featuring a fantastic Art Nouveau interior. In summer, Liszt Ferenc Square turns into a huge terrace with lots of people (locals and tourists alike) chatting away, enjoying their lunch deals or the night breeze with nice wines, beers and cocktails.

6. Heroes’ Square (Hosok tere in Hungarian) – 5th bus stop at the end of Andrassy Avenue
Heroes’ Square is known for its beautiful historical monument and statues (Gabriel archangel, the Hungarian tribal leaders and statues of Hungarian kings and statesmen), but it is also the home of two art museums, one for the traditional classical fine arts, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the other for the contemporary modern arts, the Kunsthalle or Art Hall (Mucsarnok). Heroes’ Square is right next to the City Park, and the artificial boat lake, if you feel like for a picnic, hop off and enjoy the peace of the square and the park. Let’s not forget that this is the stop to get off to Szechenyi Baths too, the fantastic thermal spa baths complex.

7. Keleti Train Station (Eastern Train Station) – 6th bus stop on the red HOHO line
The 19th century building of the Keleti Train Station (in Hungarian Keleti Pályaudvar) is pretty impressive considering it is only a railway station. This is the station where most trains from Budapest to Vienna leave from. If you are arriving at Keleti, and you are traveling light, you can easily join the hop on hop off bus tours here in Budapest.

8. Astoria Square – 7th bus stop on the red HOHO line
The square is named after Hotel Astoria, and is one of the major junctions in Budapest where major 4 lane roads meet. If you wish to explore the neighborhood, you can see the National Museum (within 5 min walk on Muzeum korut street) or you can head to the Jewish Quarter of Budapest with its multiple synagogues, kosher and non-kosher restaurants and confectioneries, and memorials of the Holocaust. The Budapest Grand Synagogue in Dohany Street (former Budapest Ghetto during WW2) is the 2nd largest synagogue in the world. Beautiful, majestic, not to be missed if you love architecture and history.

9. Funicular / Budapest Castle Cable Car – 8th bus stop on the red HOHO line
If you love nostalgic rides, the 19th century Funicular offers a comfortable short ride up to the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill. If you feel more sporty, you can just take a ten minute short hike up to the hill. Bus number 16 is the regular bus, and its bus stop is on the right side of the Tunnel, opposite the Funicular. This bust stop on the red bus route is a good stop if you want to hop off for a walk along the river to admire the sights along the river Danube on the Pest side. There are many bars, restaurants to have lunch or dinner at too. Note: the ride on the Funicular is not included in your Budapest public transport travel card or travel pass.

10. Buda Castle District (Budai Vár) – 9th bus stop on the red HOHO line
Although the Buda Castle has bee pretty badly damaged (especially its interior) during WW2, it is still a must see in Budapest with all its 18th-19th century historical streets, many museums, fantastic views and beautiful attractions. To name but a few: Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle, Matthias Church, Hospital in the Rock, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest History Museum, etc.

11. Citadella (The Citadel fortress) on top of Gellert Hill, Buda side of Budapest, – 10th bus stop on the red HOHO bus route
The red line hop on hop off will also take you atop the Gellert Hill where you can get off to get amazing views of the city of Budapest. The Citadel is a 19th century fortress with a little WW2 museum inside, and you can see the simple, Communist style Statue of Liberty. This is also a great place to get a mental map of Budapest (the Buda hills, the river, and the busy Pest side).

12. Marcius 15. Tér (March 15 Square) at the foot of the white Elisabeth Bridge – 11th stop on the HOHO red line
Although the square named March 15 (after the 1848-49 freedom fight against the Hapsburgs) (which we lost!) used to be the old city center of 19th century Budapest, today, this square is just a quirky square at the bridge, with not much weight. However, this bus stop along the red line is a good hop off opportunity for those who wish to visit the shopping street (Váci utca) and walk up to the beautiful Central Market Hall of Budapest. Not particularly worth visiting but the Marcius 15. square is close to famous vaci Utca as well as many hotels which are located at the Danube. It might be a get on or off point but not really worth a full stop.

13. Parliament (the Hungarian Parliament)
This is probably the most photographed building in Budapest: a beautiful, and huge parliamentary palace in fact. You can explore the Parliament and Szabadsag Square with the Soviet memorial, visit the Shoes on the Danube Holocaust memorial, or venture into the Hungarian House of Art Nouveau (a museum with no museum principles, rather like a private collector’s apartment with a cafe).

14. Back to József Nádor Tér where the bus tour of the red Hopon Hopoff started.

Budapest Hop on Hop off Red Bus Route

The red bus route of Budapest hop on hop off buses can be seen in this map (you can click on the map to see it a larger size). The exact route of the bus tour is as follows (unless there is some road maintenance on the city roads of Budapest). You can also see where the bus stops are on the red HOHO route in Budapest as indicated by numbers along the red line. The bus stops are at major sights of interest, i.e. the top Budapest attractions, like the Opera, Liszt Ferenc Square, the Parliament, the Buda Royal Palace, etc..

Budapest Hop on Hop off Routes

Budapest Hop on Hop off Routes

Starting from József Attila utca
1 Head east on József Attila utca toward József nádor tér
2 Slight right onto Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út
3 Turn right to stay on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út
4 Turn right onto Erzsébet tér
5 Turn right to stay on Erzsébet tér
6 Slight right to stay on Erzsébet tér
7 Continue onto József Attila utca
8 Continue onto Andrássy út
9 Turn right onto Dózsa György út
10 Turn right onto Damjanich utca
11 Turn left onto Rottenbiller utca
12 Take the ramp onto Rottenbiller utca
13 Slight right onto Rákóczi út
14 Turn right onto Erzsébet körút (signs for 2/10/11)
15 Take the 1st right onto Dohány utca
16 Take the 1st right onto Osvát utca
17 Turn right onto Rákóczi út
18 Continue onto Kossuth Lajos utca
19 Continue onto Szabad sajtó út
20 Continue onto Erzsébet híd
21 Continue onto Döbrentei tér
22 Continue onto Attila út
23 Slight right onto Apród utca
24 Slight left onto Döbrentei utca
25 Continue onto Lánchíd utca
26 At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Clark Ádám tér
27 Turn right onto Hunyadi János út
28 Turn left to stay on Hunyadi János út
29 Continue onto Palota út
30 Slight right to stay on Palota út
31 Turn left to stay on Palota út
32 Turn right to stay on Palota út
33 Turn left to stay on Palota út
34 Take the 1st right onto Dózsa György tér
35 Continue onto Krisztina körút
36 Turn left to stay on Krisztina körút
37 Slight right onto Hegyalja út
Arriving at Hegyalja út
Total: 14.1 km – about 37 mins

Budapest Bus Routes on the Hop on Hop off Buses

In the following map you can see the routes of the Budapest bus tours by hop on hop off sightseeing buses. This map screenshot (click to zoom in) shows the following sightseeing tours:

  • the red Hop on Hop off bus tours in Budapest,
  • the yellow Hop on Hop off Routes in Budapest,
  • the blue Boat tours on the river Danube in Budapest
Budapest Hop on Hop off Routes

Budapest Hop on Hop off Routes

The routes on the HOHO map show that the bus tours cover both the hilly Buda side with the Buda Castle district and the Gellert Hill, and the flat Pest side, including the sights in downtown Budapest, the attractions by and in the City Park (Városliget), Andrassy Avenue as well as the Hungarian Parliament on Kossuth Square.

Budapest HOHO Bus Tours & Deals

The Hop on Hop off buses (aka HOHO) in Budapest are very popular as the top Budapest attractions are quite spread out in the city (both on the Buda and the Pest side), so the flexible scenic routes of the HOHO tours give a good chance to see the most important sights and get a general overview of the city of Budapest.

Budapest HOHO

Budapest HOHO

We have two kinds of HOHO bus tours in Budapest available, which you can easily book now to save some time for you to actually enjoy the city sightseeing rather than having to spend your valuable holiday time by standing in line for the tickets.